Zalora PH on Installment with Raining Pesos!


***Note: This promotion is discontinued until further notice (updated Sept 11, 2013)

If you are you looking for cash advance to help with family purchases or other needs, you can visit the Raining Pesos home page: Raining Pesos

Zalora PH on Installment with Raining Pesos!

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with!

There are 2 ways that you can avail of this new partnership:

1. Any purchase you make on the Zalora website will be discounted by 5%!! All you need to do is insert our discount code when you are checking out.  The amount of your purchase will automatically be reduced by 5%

2. If you plan to purchase more than P10,000 at Zalora, you can now purchase this on installment! This can be for multiple items, or if you are struggling to reach P10,000… you can take the balance as cash out. The basic requirement for approval is to be a regular employee. Most will qualify for the 6 month term option. Those applicants with excellent credit might qualify for terms up to 36 months! Once Raining Pesos looks at your Pre-Qualification form, we can assess which you might qualify for. The Pre-Qualification form is found here:     Buy on Installment

How to apply for installment:

1. Go to the installment application form

2. Fill out the Pre-Qualification form, and we will email you the application form and additional details. You will let us know the best time to contact you to discuss your application and available options

3. Wait for approval, usually within a day or two from supplying a fully accomplished form and supporting documents

4. Upon approval, your funds will be disbursed to purchase anything on the Zalora website! Don’t forget to use the  discount voucher on checkout so that you can avail of our special rate!

Please feel free to call our office during office hours if you have any questions about this new installment program.

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