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Tired of driving other people’s cars? No choice but to go for public transport squeezing yourself to the MRT or bus? It is nice to have your own car, isn’t it? If you don’t have enough money to buy it in cash, go for car loans at www.rainingpesos.com.ph.

There are so many options for car loans in the Philippines. It could be brand new or used cars through car financing or car equity loan. You can apply on foot via walk in applications to your favorite bank or using online car loan applications. It’s tiring also to shop online jumping from one website to another. That’s why www.rainingpesos.com.ph created a site to showcase all rates from different banks and lenders to ease up things. It’s all in one rate shopping experience.

Banks in the Philippines are now aggressive in car loans by implementing quick loan application and lesser documentary requirements. Various term options for used cars were also extended, even up to 15 years old. There are also lenders that are concentrating on car loan program while associating car insurance as a package deal. While the lenders compete with the loan rates, the consumers benefit because they get better alternative for their car loan needs.

According to many, Philippines is the scrap capital of Japan. Here, second hand car transactions is dominating the auto industry and is widely available nationwide. The main reason for this is the affordability, or anything that can be paid on a daily basis apportioned from their daily income. Filipinos usually prefers affordability, practicality, convenience and most of all, flexibility. The trend of buying and selling cars is faster than other countries. They will buy today but sells it for upgrade, yet another second hand unit after they are able to finish the entire car loan amount.

Unlike before, getting a car loan is easy and in just an hour, you are done with the application and sending of your documents for verification and validation. It’s all that simple. There will be no more hassles falling in line for appointments or shopping from one branch to another. www.rainingpesos.com.ph is making everything convenient for you.

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