An Aries’ Guide to Crushing Your #CareerGoals this 2018

Being one of the first few signs of the zodiac, Aries would always want to be on the lead in doing something energetic and turbulent. As a matter of fact, people with the Aries zodiac are known to be very active. This is why being an Aries has all the means to nail all their goals easily by just being Aries alone.

Aries rules the head and leads with the head. Strong and powerful personalities with this zodiac sign tend to fight for their goals and get all the motivation to achieve everything they have on their plate.

We know most of you have already laid out your goals and missions this year, but let’s talk about a few ways on how you can kickstart your #careergoals this 2018 as an Aries.

1.     Embrace the challenges

Everyone’s certainly hoping for the best. After all, who would even want to fail with whatever they do right? But, part of achieving your goals are the challenges that you’d have to face along the way.

Don’t think of these challenges as means to stop you from what you want to do. Instead, embrace them and look at it as something that will make you stronger and more determined. You’ll be surprised how great it will eventually turn out in the long run.

 2.     The 4Ps: A Plan, Passion, Persistence, and Patience

The 4Ps might just be the perfect formula to achieve your #CareerGoals in no time. Do what you love, and love what you do. Always remember that good intention will always give you good focus.

Come up with achievable goals and instill patience and persistence along with it. Don’t rush things. When you take the time to do things, the sweeter it is once you’ve already reaped what you sowed.

 3.     Find balance

A great gymnast trick would always require an exquisite set of abilities and skills, as well as a good balance.

Define your true deal breakers and always weigh your options. It pays to be realistic, unbiased, and honest while you make decisions in life.

You’ll be able to enjoy the journey more if you know exactly what you’re willing to do and what things should you stop to achieve your goals. More so, if things aren’t going as planned.

 4.     It pays to know more

As an Aries, you should never settle for anything less. Every day should be a waking day with more knowledge, learnings, and of course, experience.

Learn more about your career, how can you better your skills, and what’s in store for you in the long run. The more you find out about the industry and your field, the more pumped up you’ll be to fine tune your aspirations and targets.

5.     Reward yourself

One of the most fulfilling things you can do while striving toward a goal is finding ways to give back while you’re still on your journey. Motivate yourself with a reward that you deserve not just in the end, but while you make it through it.

Enjoy your hard work and the fruits of your labor. Don’t let your efforts come to waste once you’ve already set foot to achieving your goals because it doesn’t end there.

No matter what sign you might have, as long as you’re on the right track, the ship will surely be set to sail, and you’re good to go.

Everyone might differ from each other’s #CareerGoals, but there will always be one common denominator: everyone would want to succeed in the end and reach that goal no matter how hard it takes.

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4 Practical Ways to Finance a New Gadget

So, you want to get your hands on the latest smartphone, laptop, or that game console, but your savings aren’t enough? You then decide to just wait for a sale, hope to receive it as a gift, or maybe consider applying for a credit card even if you do not like credit cards.

Don’t worry! Financing new gadgets can be easy if you know where to look. There are frugal tech-shoppers who score the best and newest gadgets without breaking the bank. Here are ways you can do this with limited cash:

Data Plans with Gadgets

Some of you know this already. As long as your salary fits the bracket for that gadget, you can get a new phone with data or postpaid plans from telecom networks. All you need is to present documents for proof of identity, address, and income.

In-Store Loans or Financing

You can ask shops if they have installment plans that do not require credit cards. There are retail stores who are actually partnered with Home Credit so they can give loans with little interest. You can now then get your brand new gadget after just an hour or less of transaction.

Online Selling

Sometimes, it can be difficult to save enough from your current financial source of income, hence the need to come up with other streams of income. One way of doing this is by selling your old stuff online.

You could start with selling your old gadget by putting it up on OLX or you could also put up your own online fashion store on social media platforms since it these are avenues for easy marketing. If you’re good at photography, you can actually sell your photos online by putting up a photography page like Ralph Wunsch.

There are so many ways you can generate extra income – you just have to be creative in doing so.

Side Hustle

Getting on a side job is becoming the new norm. In fact, the internet has grown opportunities to work from home and do side hustle. It has provided profitable ventures such as writing, graphic design, social media marketing, and virtual assistance. Currently, there’s a high demand for social media consultants and online reputation managers. So, you might want to check that out.

Aside from these, there are also a lot of freelance opportunities to make money such as being a jingle composer, event emcee, graphic designer, photographer, or whatever individual services that people in your community would need.

Diving in to a little venture of your preference, together with the right discipline, can not only help you save up faster for that gadget you have been eyeing for, but also make a notable difference in your financial life.

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Top 4 Ways to Help You Fund Your Start up Business

If you have been dreaming of having your own business way before, and now have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so, the only thing that you need to ensure is your finances.

By simply wading through tons of business tips, you’ll be able to determine specific techniques you can use as references for funding your start-up business. To better guide you with this new venture, here are the top 4 ways that can help you in financing your business.

Personal Savings

Since you’re starting a business, ensuring that you have a good amount of personal savings that you can utilize is crucial. This fund can come from your hard-earned money from either your previous or present job, or inherited from your parents too.

Regardless of its source, knowing that you value money is important as your dive into the risky yet fulfilling business landscape.

Seek Assistance from Family and Friends

If you’re a young entrepreneur that doesn’t have any savings yet, but very eager to start a business, you may seek financial assistance from your family or friends.

Aside from the ease of borrowing from them, you’ll also have a flexible payment period. Further, there’s a good chance that they would not ask for any interest.

However, you should stay true to your word and be responsible by paying your debt on agreed period, and keeping an open communication if in case you miss a schedule.

Government Agency Loan program

Government agencies like the Social Security System (SSS) and Home Mutual Development Fund (Pag-ibig) offer cash loans with reasonable interest rates, as well as flexible payment terms.

You could either check their official websites or visit the nearest branch in your vicinity to know the requirements that you would be needing to apply for a loan.

Credit Card

Credit cards are of great assistance when making huge purchases but come with high-interest rates ranging between 8-13 percent.

Then again, just like any financial option, it still requires complying with the requirements, processes, and understanding all its included terms.

So, whenever you are ready to start your own business, keep in mind these four tips to know which best suits you, your needs, and of course, your capabilities.

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